How Much Are Helicopter Rides

How Much Are Helicopter Rides

This question frequently asked by those interested in taking such a flight for the first time is essentially equivalent to asking how long a piece of string is.


The prices on offer throughout the world vary widely and even in individual cities, the helicopter trips on offer vary wildly in both price and levels of luxury. I will now outline the cheapest and more expensive options available throughout the world.

How much are helicopter rides in the UK?

Though there are numerous companies that offer the service and you may pay slightly more or less depending on the region you are in, helicopter rides generally start out at about seventy dollars. This may sound delightfully cheap but sadly there is a reason for this. Seventy dollars will only buy you five minutes in the air which works out a pretty terrifying rate per minute. If you want to take a helicopter ride in the UK you are far better off shelling out two hundred and fifty dollars. For this price, there are many cities in the UK that can be explored over the course of a much more reasonable time period of thirty minutes. These helicopter rides are generally aimed at the tourist market and as such the routes taken will usually incorporate all the most famous landmarks of the particular city.

How much are helicopter rides in the US?

Prices throughout the US vary far more widely than in the UK, however if you are going to take a helicopter ride in the US there is only one place that you should do it anyway so I will now outline the average prices in Nevada. On the budget end of the scale one hundred dollars will take you on an unforgettable half hour trip around the city of lights and its infamous strip. Should be willing to spend four hundred and fifty dollars you can experience something truly magical however. This amount of cold hard cash will buy you three and a half hours in the air, during which time you will witness not only the Strip but also the Hoover Damn and the world renowned Grand Canyon. Without a doubt, one of the greatest helicopter rides you can take anywhere in the world.

How much are helicopter rides in Australia?

Should you be willing to head down under, there are numerous attractions available to the helicopter enthusiast. Should you fancy a thirty minute helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef, you can expect to pay about three hundred and fifty dollars. Both Sydney and Melbourne can be experienced from a helicopter for the same price but for twenty minutes instead of thirty. And if you are looking for better value, there are highly scenic areas of the Northern Territory, where seventy minutes in the sky can be purchased for five hundred dollars.

So in conclusion, the answer to the question that is the title of this article is relatively simple. Quite a lot. But as those who've experienced the activity will agree, there is no better way to spend you hard earned cash.