Helicopter Rides Leeds

Helicopter Rides Leeds

If you're planning a weekend visit to Leeds in the near future than you will probably be facing the same conundrum that everyone faces when they visit a city just for the weekend. Just how do you take it all in? You can head down to the pub in the evenings and explore the nightlife but


to explore all of a cities sites in such a short period of time, cannot really be done unless you want to rush about the place darting on and off of buses. In my opinion the best way to experience all that a city has to offer within the confines of a weekend, is to see it all within thirty minutes. How can a whole city be seen in thirty minutes? By boarding a helicopter. Here is all that you need to know about Leeds helicopter rides.

How much are Leeds helicopter rides?

Leeds helicopter rides are sadly not cheap. A five minute spin in a helicopter is going to set you back a pretty ridiculous seventy dollars. If you are willing to spend two hundred and fifty dollars however, then you will at least get better value as this will buy you about thirty minutes in the air. The way I always at least try to look at services like this one is that you are paying as much for the memory of it as you are for the actual experience. And trust me your first trip in a helicopter and those initial moments as you take off are definitely not something that you will forget in a hurry.

Are Leeds helicopter rides safe?

If you take a helicopter ride, you can be very confident of a number of things. First of all, the aircraft will have been thoroughly checked before take off. Secondly your pilot will be a professional with more than enough experience. Lastly, if the weather presents even the slightest threat to your safety, the pilot will not take off. In fact helicopter rides are probably safer than car rides.

Are there any restrictions on who can take Leeds helicopter rides?

There are a few restrictions in place. The majority of companies offering the service will only allow passengers that are under eighteen stone. Some companies also have a minimum age for passengers but this varies widely from company to company. Also, it should go without saying that the consumption of alcohol before or during a flight is strictly prohibited.

So in conclusion, if you are planning a weekend trip to Leeds for any occasion then the fastest and most enjoyable way to experience all that the beautiful city has to offer is to board a helicopter. Some people consider the price of helicopter rides in general to be too expensive, but they are generally the people that have never been on them. Helicopter rides offer you an experience that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life, how many things that you buy can you say that about?