Helicopter Rides Cardiff

Helicopter Rides Cardiff

The capital of Wales is an essential destination for anyone planning a visit to the UK. The distinct Welshness about the city is always a bit of a shock to those who have just crossed the border from England and no trip to the UK would be complete without visit.


The city is just so full of history and being home to a very lively student population, there is something to do almost every night of the week. If you are short on time and perhaps just spending a weekend in Cardiff, you may be wondering how you can see everything in such a short period of time. One rather unique solution to this problem is to simply see it all from the sky and by this I mean Cardiff helicopter rides. Here is all that you need to know.

Why Cardiff Helicopter Rides?

Because there is simply no faster or more exciting way to witness all that the city has to offer. For many just taking a helicopter ride for the first time and slowly floating into the air is a memory that they will remember forever. Therefore to experience this while also witnessing the beauty of Cardiff can be truly sensational. Also considering that the entire city can be seen in just a thirty minute helicopter ride, it is definitely the right choice for people who are on a budget as far as time is concerned.

How much are Cardiff helicopter rides?

Sadly, though they are a good choice for people on a budget time wise, they are not the best idea for people that are actually on a budget. There are a few different companies that offer Cardiff helicopter rides and therefore prices do vary but on average you will pay about two hundred and fifty dollars for a thirty minute ride. Whether the experience is worth this amount is debatable. Two hundred and fifty dollars for thirty minutes of anything is never going to be exceptional value but if it is for something that you will remember for ever many people would argue that that is something that is worth shelling out for.

What can be seen?

The entire city can be witnessed from the seat of a helicopter. All famous landmarks are flown over and not only that some companies offer routes that encompass not only the city itself but the beautiful Welsh country side that surrounds it. It is also worth remembering that the sites will not just be seen, they will be seen from fifteen hundred feet in the air, offering a vantage point that can not be found on any other type of tour.

So in conclusion, if you are even curious about Cardiff helicopter rides then you should at least look into it. I have experienced two different cities in the UK from the seat of a helicopter and both are treasured memories. Should you choose to actually take a helicopter ride in Cardiff, I think it will be very difficult for you to regret the decision.