Helicopter Rides UK

Helicopter Rides UK

There are numerous attractions for UK tourists to experience but one of the most memorable ways to experience the country must indeed be UK helicopter rides. There are many beautiful places in the UK that look frankly spectacular from the seat of a helicopter.


From the beautiful countryside of the Lake District to the hustle and bustle of London and Big Ben. While my personal favourite has to be the Highlands, there are so many different places that a helicopter enthusiast can go in the UK to experience a helicopter ride to remember. I will now offer an outline of the three best places to experience UK helicopter rides.


This is the first place that I ever experienced UK helicopter rides. From the natural beauty of Arthur's seat to the historic royal mile, it all looks fantastic from the seat of a helicopter. Princes Street, the Royal Gardens, the Botanical Gardens and Calton Hill can also be seen on the majority of the routes offered. Being such a popular tourist destination, there are quite a few companies that offer this service so if you wish to get the most flying time for the least price, make sure that you shop around.

The Lake District

Considered by many to be the most beautiful area in the UK, the Lake District is peaceful and tranquil even when on foot but from fifteen hundred feet in the air it is thoroughly awe inspiring. There are many different departure points from which you can take off and a very large region of lakes and hills that can be explored. Of all the places that UK helicopter rides are available, the Lake District is without doubt the most romantic and therefore if you are intending to take a helicopter ride to celebrate an anniversary, then this is the perfect choice.


There's a reason for the popularity of London. Though many people do hate the place, the crowds and the traffic, others are invigorated by its unprecedented level of variety and fast living. And what can be a faster way to experience all that the city has to offer than a London helicopter ride. In a matter of thirty minutes, the line of the Thames can be followed and Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and St. Paul's Cathedral can all be witnessed. Big Ben, the Millennium Dome and the London Eye, the list of big name attractions that the city has to offer can not be matched anywhere else in the UK. And what better way to see it all then from a helicopter?

So in conclusion, the UK offers quite a lot to tourists, which is probably why even during the recession, the tourism sector is still doing relatively well. There is many ways to experience the UK but there are none quite as spectacular as seeing the sites from the seat of a helicopter. If you are planning on experiencing UK helicopter rides then the best place to find companies that offer the service is where you are reading this article, online. UK helicopter rides generally cost about two hundred and fifty dollars for a half hour in the air, this sounds expensive but it is something that you are likely to remember for the rest of your life and in my opinion that makes the price pretty reasonable.