Helicopter Rides London

Helicopter Rides London

There is one primary problem for those planning on visiting the nation's capital for the weekend and that is that the place just happens to be massive. Many people often consider the city to be an endless collection of small towns.


People that have lived there for years are still capable of finding pubs and streets that they have never visited, it really is that big. In my opinion, the easiest and perhaps the most enjoyable way to see as much of London as possible within a short period of time is London helicopter rides. Yes, there are indeed multiple companies offering the service and I cannot recommend the activity highly enough. If you are interested in London helicopter rides, here are the answers to the questions that most people have when they consider it.

How much do London helicopter rides cost?

Of course, being helicopters and again being London, the activity isn't exactly cheap. There are multiple companies and each has different rates but in general a twenty five minute flight costs the equivalent of one hundred and fifty dollars.

What can be seen during London helicopter rides?

Even during a short ride of twenty five minutes, quite a lot can actually be seen. Many helicopter rides roughly follow the lines of the Thames and as such take in the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral. Many London helicopter rides also take in the London Eye and the Millennium Dome and of course Tower Bridge. You should also be aware that because there are so many companies offering the service, a quick search online and you should be able to find a company that will fly over virtually any part of London. If you happen to be from the city, have you ever seen your home from a thousand feet in the air?

Are London helicopter rides safe?

Many people are worried about this strangely enough. There's something about flying that always seems to make people nervous even though there is actually no need to be. Any company offering a service involving aircraft in the UK is required to comply with rigorous safety regulations. Therefore you can rest assured that your helicopter will be thoroughly checked before take off, that it will only take off if weather conditions are safe and that the pilot is a professional with more than enough experience.

Are there any restrictions for those that can on London helicopter rides?

There are restrictions and they vary from company to company but they generally just require passengers to weigh less than eighteen stone and to be over a minimum age which is usually around eight. Of course alcohol consumption before or during the flight is also prohibited.

So in conclusion, if you are heading to London for a short period of time, I cannot think of a better way to see all that the city has to offer. It may be a little bit expensive but can you really put a price on something that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life?