Helicopter Rides Bristol

Helicopter Rides Bristol

Bristol remains as popular as ever for weekend trips in the UK. Due to its extensive and varied nightlife as well as its abundance of beautiful architecture, it has long been one of the cities on the must see list within the UK.


Due to its size however, visitors to Bristol are left with the very common question for tourists, just how can an entire city be seen during a short two or three day trip? One answer to this question offered by local companies is Bristol Helicopter rides. Yes, there are numerous companies offering the service and though it certainly isn't cheap, it allows people to view the city in a completely unique way. If you think you might be interested in Bristol helicopter rides, here are the answers to the three most frequently asked questions about the experience.

How much are Bristol helicopter rides?

Though time saving, helicopter rides are definitely not a good way to save on cash. The cheapest Bristol helicopter rides are about seventy dollars but this price only buys about five minutes in the air. To actually see the whole city, a better bet is to pay two hundred and fifty dollars for around thirty minutes. There are many companies that offer the service, so shopping around may decrease the price but not by a lot. Both the aircraft and the pilot's time are expensive so you are always going to be forced to pay quite a bit for the experience.

What can be seen during Bristol helicopter rides?

Companies that offer helicopter rides are well aware of the demand for the service within the tourism sector and hence most offer routes that take in all the major sights. Some companies will even allow you to choose to fly over a particular landmark with some local customers wanting to see what their house looks like from fifteen hundred feet in the air. It is worth noting that outside the city is some frankly beautiful countryside which is likely to look pretty spectacular from the seat of a helicopter.

Are there any restrictions?

There are generally restrictions on a passenger's weight. The reason for this is that it is necessary on some helicopters to spread out the weight of all passengers evenly. The restriction usually requires that passengers must weigh less than eighteen stone. There are sometimes restrictions on the minimum age of passengers but this varies widely and not all companies have such a restriction. It should also go without saying that passengers under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused entry onto the helicopter.

So in conclusion, if you want to make your trip to Bristol something that you will remember forever, what can be more memorable then a helicopter ride around the city. There is no faster way to see all of Bristol's sights and there is no way to see them that is quite as spectacular as from fifteen hundred feet in the air. If you are even remotely curious about the activity, I reckon you at least look into it, as the experience is generally something that is pretty much impossible to regret.