Helicopter Rides Manchester

Helicopter Rides Manchester

If you are interested in going on a helicopter ride in the UK, then you could certainly do a lot worse than Manchester. I have been into helicopters for a while now and have tried out the helicopter hire services in many different places in the UK and I have to say Manchester has a


very wide variety compared to most places. Admittedly I may be a little bit biased, considering I am a die hard United fan and that is one of the places that you can fly over but there are also a lot of other possible things to see inside and outside of the city and all of them can be seen with Manchester helicopter rides.

If like me you are indeed a fan of the Red Devils, then flying over Old Trafford is likely to be something that you will never forget. Sadly it is not possible to actually fly over the stadium while a match is in progress due to some pretty strange air traffic restrictions, it is indeed possible to hover over it when a match is not in play and let me tell you as a fan, the sight of Old Trafford from fifteen hundred feet was one of the most spectacular things that I have ever seen. The total cost for such a trip is pretty staggering at two hundred and fifty dollars and the trip does only last about twenty minutes but those twenty minutes are likely to remain in your memory forever.

There are cheaper Manchester helicopter rides available for non football fans. Many companies will take you into the air for a five minute helicopter ride for about seventy dollars. This is very expensive in terms of price per minute but even just experiencing taking off in a helicopter for the first time is pretty amazing. A tour of the entire city on the other hand that lasts about thirty minutes can be found for the same price as the Old Trafford tour, two hundred and fifty dollars. Such a trip can be a fantastic way to see as many sights as possible if you only intend on spending the weekend in the city.

So in conclusion, after reading the article you are probably aware I am a big fan of Manchester helicopter rides. If you are planning on actually taking to the sky in Manchester in the near future then the best place to find the companies offering the service is simply through Google. There are many companies out there and if you shop around you may even be able to find prices cheaper then described in this article. And if you cannot, can you really put a price on something that you will remember forever?