Cheap Helicopter Rides

Cheap Helicopter Rides

Many people search online for cheap helicopter rides; sadly however the words "cheap" and "helicopter rides" simply do not belong in the same sentence. Cheap helicopter rides are not only more difficult to find than regular ones but generally they are also by far the wrong choice.


Unless you happen to be particularly rich or have a particularly cool job, a helicopter ride is highly unlikely to be a weekly or even a yearly experience and therefore if you are going to do it then you might as well do it right.

In the UK, cheap helicopter rides can be found and they are a pretty good example of my point. It is possible to find many companies nationwide that will take you up into the air on board a helicopter for a mere seventy dollars. This sounds great until you realise that such cheap helicopter rides will only take you into the air for five minutes. This of course works out at not only a pretty crazy rate per minute but also not all that much of an experience. The same companies will take you into the air for thirty minutes for two hundred and fifty dollars and during such time will fly you around whatever city you happen to be in allowing you to take in many famous sights and really experience a helicopter ride.

An even better example can be found very far away in Nevada. In my opinion Nevada is the greatest place in the world to take a helicopter ride. Another thing about Nevada is that it is home to Las Vegas which happens to offer lots of low quality things at ridiculously cheap prices. It is possible to take a tour of the Strip for only one hundred dollars. While this is of course a pretty great experience, it is nothing when you consider what is on offer if you are willing to spend more. For an admittedly expensive four hundred and fifty dollars you can experience what could be the greatest helicopter ride that you can take. This price will buy you three and a half hours in the air which will not only include the Las Vegas Strip but also the Hoover Dam and the world famous Grand Canyon. Absolutely nothing can prepare you for the Grand Canyon and there is no better way to experience it than from the seat of a helicopter.

So in conclusion, my point is that cheap helicopter rides can be found if you look hard enough. But while the effort that you spend looking for them may save you a little bit of cash, it will also take from you memories that you are likely to treasure forever. I have been lucky enough to experience the above described three and half hour Nevada helicopter experience and in my opinion, such an experience is simply priceless.