Helicopter Rides over London

Helicopter Rides over London

Even during the recession people still need to get away and London remains as popular as ever. However another thing that doesn't change is that it is rarely possible to visit a city for a weekend and witness all that it has to offer and nowhere is this more true than London.


If your willing to spend a bit of cash there is one way that you can see a hell of a lot of the city in just thirty minutes and that's by boarding a helicopter. Yes many people are choosing helicopter rides over London as they are simply the fastest means of seeing all of its famous landmarks. If you are interested in the idea, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the activity.

How much are helicopter rides over London?

Helicopter rides over London aren't exactly cheap. Many companies offer the service with the price averaging at about two hundred and fifty dollars for a half hour. . The way I tend to look at services like these is that when you avail of them, you receive something that you will remember forever. Of course you could go down the pub for three or four nights for the same price, it just isn't likely to be as memorable. It is also possible to pay seventy dollars for a five minute helicopter ride but it's pretty unlikely that you will actually get to see much of the city within that time frame.

What can be seen on helicopter rides over London?

Because there are so many companies offering the service and each offers multiple routes, you can see pretty much any part of London. The most popular routes generally follow the line of the Thames as in doing so you can witness Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and St. Paul's Cathedral. Other options include the London Eye, the Millennium Dome and of course Big Ben. Some companies even allow you to request specific landmarks.

Are helicopter rides over London safe?

For some reason, anything that involves flying seems to fill people with irrational fear. Any company offering a service involving aircraft in the UK is required to comply with ridiculously strict safety regulations. You can be sure that before any helicopter takes off, it has been checked thoroughly and that the pilot is a professional with more than enough flying experience. Also turbulence tends not to lead to very many repeat customers so you also be pretty certain that a helicopter won't take off if there is poor weather conditions for flying.

So in conclusion, hopefully this article has given you enough information for you to decide if you want to experience a helicopter ride over London. If you are heading to city for the weekend, there is simply no better or faster way to experience it than from one thousand feet in the air. While it certainly won't be the cheapest half hour of your visit, it will undoubtedly be the highlight.