Helicopter Rides Prices

Helicopter Rides Prices

No matter where you are in the world, chances are helicopter rides prices are going to be a bit on the high side. And yet many people still take flight when they are in a beautiful area and the service happens to be available.


In my opinion the reason for this is that there is simply no better way to experience a spectacular landscape then from fifteen hundred feet in the air. I have been a helicopter enthusiast for a number of years now and I have never let helicopter rides prices put me off and I will now explain why you should not let them put you off either.

The primary thing to remember about activities such as helicopter rides is that they are experiences that you will remember forever. Paragliding, parachuting and bungee jumping, all of these activities are ridiculously expensive and the reason is that they are for many once in a life time activities. As a result of this people are willing to pay ridiculously high prices and they are not crazy for doing so. You need to ask yourself how much money you spend on alcohol and cigarettes, eating out and designer clothes each year before you allow an admittedly high price tag rob you of an experience that you are likely to remember forever. And the experiences on offer can be spectacular indeed which I will now outline.

A helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef costs three hundred and fifty dollars for just thirty minutes. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion and I therefore think that such a helicopter ride is completely worth the money.  The price drops considerably for a helicopter price in Las Vegas where a journey along the Strip for the same amount of time will cost only one hundred dollars. On the other hand should you be willing to shell out four hundred and fifty dollars you can take what could be described as the greatest helicopter ride on earth. This amount of money will buy you a three and a half hour flight that will take in not only the Strip but also the Hoover Dam and the world famous Grand Canyon.

And let me tell you, I have been lucky enough to see the Grand Canyon from the seat of a helicopter and it leaves me in no doubt that when it comes to helicopter rides, money should not even come into it. We all work hard, and if we cannot afford to occasionally splash out on a bit of magic that we will remember for the rest of our lives, what exactly is the point in working?