Helicopter Rides FAQ

Helicopter Rides FAQ

If you're planning a day out in the UK and are happy to spend a little to live a little then I think one of the best options out there is a helicopter ride. There are few options in the UK that are quite as memorable and one of the main reasons for the activity being so memorable is that for


the majority of people, going up in a helicopter will be a brand new experience. One aspect of new experiences however is that the fact that they are new generally means that you know absolutely nothing about them and therefore have lots of questions. Having gone up in the air in the crazy things many times, I will now try to answer the most frequently asked questions about helicopter rides in the UK.

Does it cost an arm and a leg?

Helicopter Rides are never going to be particularly cheap. The aircraft themselves of course cost a lot to purchase as does the time of the pilot and the gas, so if helicopter hire companies intend on making any kind of profit at all they do need to charge a lot. A helicopter ride in the UK generally costs at least seventy five dollars and this is just for five minutes. The price per minute drops however the longer you take it and many companies offer a half hour for about two hundred and fifty dollars. Therefore if you don't want to pay crazy rates, try to take the helicopter for as long as possible and have as many passengers as possible to split the cost.

Is it safe?

You need to remember that any company in the UK has to comply with a whole bunch of highly bureaucratic safety regulations. Therefore you can rest assured that any company offering helicopter hire has probably checked their helicopters way more times than is actually required and their pilots will have lots and lots of experience. Also they will not take off if the weather seems even remotely volatile. After all nobody enjoys turbulence and freaked out passengers tend not be repeat customers. Therefore you should have no safety concerns whatsoever about taking a helicopter ride in the UK.

Where can I take a helicopter ride?

No matter where you live in the UK, you are unlikely to be far from a company offering the service. Many companies are nationwide with helicopters in all major cities and there are various smaller companies operating out of individual airports also. The best place to look is where you are reading this article, on the internet.

Are there any restrictions?

There are weight restrictions and these vary depending upon the type of helicopter. Usually the maximum weight of a passenger is around eighteen stone. This is because weight needs to be distributed evenly. There is also usually a minimum age but this varies widely from company to company. All information is usually on each company's websites. Other than that the only other restriction is the consumption of alcohol onboard or before take off is obviously prohibited.

So in conclusion, hopefully this article has answered any questions that you are likely to have about helicopter rides in the UK. I highly recommend the activity and I think that the price is actually totally worth it considering how memorable the experience is.