Helicopter Rides Liverpool

Helicopter Rides Liverpool

If you're heading to Liverpool for the weekend, you are likely to be aware that there are many different things to see in the vibrant city that was recently voted the European Capital of Culture. Like any large city, the visitor that does not intend on staying long there is left with a bit of a


conundrum. Just how is it possible to experience an entire city within such a short period of time? My answer to this is very simple-Liverpool helicopter rides. Yes, like many UK cities, there are companies that are willing to take you up into the sky and show you around in a way that only a helicopter pilot can. Now a lot of people are pretty inexperienced when it comes to helicopter rides, so here is the answer to the most frequently asked questions about them.

How much are Liverpool helicopter rides?

The cost of a thirty minute helicopter ride is around two hundred and fifty dollars. This is of course pretty expensive but many people consider it to be a fair price and this can be seen in the high level of demand for companies that offer Liverpool helicopter rides. Quite simply there is better way to experience a new city than from fifteen hundred feet in the air. If you are short on time, perhaps only spending a weekend in the city, than the fact that the entire city can be witnessed within thirty minutes is also likely to be attractive.

What can be seen during Liverpool helicopter rides?

Almost the entire city can be seen during a helicopter ride. Most of the companies offering the service target tourists as their primary market; therefore the pilots are well aware of all the sights that you are likely to want to see. Some companies will even allow you to request that certain sights be included. There is also some beautiful countryside outside of Liverpool which is well worth seeing and this can usually be arranged.

Are Liverpool helicopter rides safe?

Any company offering helicopter rides in the UK is required to follow an endless list of safety regulations so you can rest assured that you will land in one piece. The pilot will have more than enough experience and passengers are required to wear seatbelts for the duration of the trip. Weather conditions are also carefully monitored and if they present even the slightest risk to the aircraft, the pilot will not take off.

So in conclusion, as you can probably guess I am a big fan of Liverpool helicopter rides. The city is a very beautiful place and from nowhere does it look better than from high up in the air. Hopefully this article has answered the questions that you are most likely to want to know the answers to. If you require more information, the majority of companies offering the service have their own websites which give exact route and pricing information. If you are even curious, I suggest you check them out; it could lead to an experience that you will never forget.