Helicopter Rides Lake District

Helicopter Rides Lake District

To be honest, having travelled extensively around Europe, the UK generally holds little interest to me, even for weekends away. There is however one exception to this and that is the Lake District.


Though we obviously aren't talking about the Alps, it is home to easily the most beautiful scenery in the UK and as such, it is one of the UK's top tourist attractions and with good reason. I have spent many a pleasurable summer's day in the region both fishing and drinking on its beautiful lakes and the odd romantic walking in hand in hand with somebody special. It is a truly beautiful place; there is no question about this.

Considering the amount of tourists that frequent the region, many companies are catering to the accompanying demand for leisure activities. In my opinion, the most exciting of which is Lake District helicopter rides. Costing about two hundred and fifty dollars for a thirty minute flight, it isn't exactly the cheapest thing that can be done in the region. Especially considering you could easily skip Lake District helicopter rides and just go drinking by a lake for free. However should you decide to part with your cash, you will be in for one hell of a treat.

Any one that has been on a helicopter ride will tell you that the first time you take off on board such aircraft; the feeling is something that you will never forget, and it really is nothing like being on board some hopeless Ryan air flight trying not to scream. Instead you are slowly floating into the sky with beautiful scenery surrounding you. The majority of companies incorporate all the most beautiful parts of the region into their routes and as such, you get to see everything that is worth seeing in the area in a short thirty minute trip. For those that are on a budget time wise, it really is the fastest way to see the beautiful sights of the region.

If you are interested in Lake District helicopter rides, then the easiest place to start is where you are reading this article, online. There are numerous companies offering the service and generally the way they operate is that you simply purchase from them a voucher which is valid for about ten months. Then you simply call them up, make a reservation and turn up voucher in hand. If you shop around a bit, you may also get Lake District helicopter rides a little bit cheaper than the above mentioned price but sadly not a lot cheaper. It is also advisable to call before heading to the take off point. Occasionally weather conditions can cause cancellations. If this occurs you obviously won't be charged. So in conclusion, hopefully this article has given you enough information for you to decide whether Lake District helicopter rides are right for you. My primary piece of advice is not to let the price put you off, what's the last thing that you bought that you expect to remember ten years from now?