Helicopter Rides Wales

Helicopter Rides Wales

If you are heading to Wales in the near future for a holiday or a long weekend, you may be considering what the best way is to make the most of your time there. Well, I visited the beautiful country recently and I witnessed some pretty beautiful sights and even had a couple of wild nights out.


The most memorable thing that I did on my trip however was taking a half an hour helicopter ride around Snowdonia. If you fancy blowing a bit of cash on Wales helicopter rides than I really could not recommend it more. There are just so many beautiful things to see in the area and to experience it all while from high up in the sky really is kind of magical. I will now offer you a brief outline of what I saw on my helicopter ride.

Though I am sure different companies offer slightly different routes, I took off from Bettws y Coed. If you are given the choice this a pretty great place to start because it is set right in the middle of the Snowdonia national park and as such even before you take off you see beautiful mountains and waterfalls all around you. It also has the advantage that after your flight, you can go for a walk and do even more exploring. Anyway, from there I flew southwest and this included passing over the highly historic castle located at Dolwyddelan. This castle was built all the way back in the thirteenth century by some guy called Llwelyn the Great. I'm not actually usually one for history; Wales just seems to bring it out in me. I have been to many different countries but I have never been to one that is just so rich in history and folklore.

After that we flew over Blaenau Ffestiniog before heading to Portmerion. Apparently some television programme called "The Prisoner" was filmed here, I've never seen it but perhaps it is of interest to you. We then flew over Beddgelert which in my opinion is one of the nicest villages in Snowdonia. We then flew over another castle, this one was called Dinas Emrys and we then flew past the frankly spectacular Mount Snowdon. This is actually the highest mountain in Wales and peaks at 1085 metres. Though this is obviously nothing compared what can be found in the Alps, do bear in mind that Sir Edmund Hillary trained here before climbing Mount Everest. We then flew back to Bettws where we were once again surrounded mountains and waterfalls.

So in conclusion, if Wales helicopter rides sound even remotely interesting to you, then take my word for it, it is not something that you will regret. Wales helicopter rides cost about two hundred and fifty dollars for a half hour which does make it a pretty expensive. However I think it would be difficult to do anything else for even double the price in Wales that would be quite as memorable.