Helicopter Rides Kent

Helicopter Rides Kent

If you are planning a visit to Kent in the near future then in my opinion you have made a brilliant choice. I have been there many a time and always find the same beautiful atmosphere and unique charm that I have grown to love.


The last time I was there I happened upon an ad for Kent helicopter rides and I have to say, it was a really beautiful experience. I have spent many romantic evenings in the town and seen all of the sights before but nothing compared to seeing everything from high up in the sky. If you are heading there, I thoroughly recommend you give it a go. Here is that you need to know.

How much are Kent helicopter rides?

Sadly they are a little bit on the expensive side and this tends to turn a lot of people off of the idea. With many companies offering the service, the price does vary a little but you can generally be looking at about two hundred and fifty dollars for a thirty minute flight. It is possible to take to the air for about seventy dollars also but these helicopter rides are not aimed at tourists wanting to see the sights as they only last five minutes which leads to a pretty extortionate price per minute.

What can be seen during Kent helicopter rides?

As the majority of the companies offering the service primarily cater to tourists new to the area, most have routes that encompass all the major sights in the area. This is one of the primary attractions of Kent helicopter rides in that if you are only visiting the area for a weekend trip and are therefore a little bit short of time, they are a fantastic way to squeeze everything in. I also do not believe that there is any way more beautiful to see the area than from fifteen hundred feet in the air. It should also be noted that some companies do allow specific sights to be incorporated into the flight so if this is something that interests you, don't be afraid to ask.

Are there any restrictions?

There are a few minor weight and age restrictions. Most companies will refuse to carry a passenger who is over eighteen stone as some helicopters require weight to be distributed evenly across the aircraft. Some, but not all, companies require all passengers to be above a certain age. It should also go without saying that alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. You are also of course required to wear a seatbelt for the duration of the flight.

So in conclusion, I can personally vouch for the fact that the experience is completely worth the hefty price tag. Considering the shocking prices of alcohol in the UK, you could easily spend the same amount of money in the pub and yet not come away with something you will be sure to remember for the rest of your life.