Helicopter Ride Vouchers

Helicopter Ride Vouchers

If you know somebody whose birthday is coming up soon, you will probably be aware that some people are incredibly difficult to shop for. Unfortunately not every one is all that interested in music or movies which are usually a pretty easy choice and buying somebody clothes is


generally a bit of a minefield. In my opinion, one present that you can get for pretty much anyone and be sure that they will like it is helicopter ride vouchers. It is after all very difficult to dislike a helicopter ride; you essentially just sit down for thirty minutes and witness beautiful scenery from a thousand feet in the air. Also as the majority of people have never been on a helicopter before, you will likely be giving that special somebody a present that will lead to an experience that they will remember forever.

Helicopter ride vouchers work in a relatively straight forward manner and there are many companies in the UK that offer them. Essentially each voucher is valid for a specified amount of time, usually six months to a year. The company that offers the vouchers generally has multiple locations nationwide each with specified days that the helicopter rides actually occur. The voucher holder just needs to choose a time and a location that suits him/her and then exchange the voucher for a reservation. The flights generally occur at weekends to ensure maximum demand and they generally fly from each location about twice a month so it is usually easy for a voucher holder to find a location and time that suits them.

The price of the helicopter ride vouchers and the amount of time on board a helicopter varies from company to company. Usually a five minute ride costs about seventy five dollars which is admittedly very expensive. A thirty minute ride on the other hand costs about two hundred and fifty dollars. Usually the longer the ride the more reasonable the per minute rate is. And while it still works out an expensive half hour, it is a half hour that will probably be remembered for a hell of a long time and there are very few gift options that possess that characteristic.

If you are interested in purchasing helicopter ride vouchers, they are just a Google away. I would recommend shopping around a little bit however as the prices and locations offered can vary a little bit from company to company. As you can probably guess from this article, I am a big fan of these things. They have lead to many happy faces on both my friends and family, both on birthdays and Christmas and have not only lead to this but also a massive saving in the amount of hours that I have had to spend scratching my head in shops.